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The Teaching of the History of One’s Own Country
International Experiences in a Comparative Perspective
The question concerning the importance of history teaching at school is closely linked to the one concerning the mediation of the history of one’s own country. Over the past few years discussions and debates about its meaning, content and functions have, however, increased. But the mediation of the history of one’s own country is a precarious undertaking. The volume presents theoretical considerations, empirical studies and practical case examples from a comparative and international perspective. In different states and school systems it becomes clear how the history of one’s own country or the nation is conveyed and against what political and social background this happens.
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Remembering and Recounting the Cold War
Commonly Shared History?
Perceptions and images of the Cold War as they appear in textbooks, in the classroom but also in public and in the scientific discourse are topic of this volume “Remembering and Recounting the Cold War – Commonly Shared History?“. These perceptions and images are particularly interesting because they are part of the communicative memory and are thus in the process of undergoing change. It is also the task of history didactics, here understood as a science concerned with investigating, theorizing on and staging the way of how people and societies deal with history and mem­ories, to describe, to analyze and to interpret such moldings of teaching cultures, memory cultures and, of course, individual and collective views of this era.
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