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History Teacher Education Facing the Challenges of Professional Development in the 21st Century
International Journal of Research on History Didactics, History Education, and History Culture. Yearbook of the International Society for History Didactics
The leading theme of this year’s issue of the International Journal of Research in History Didactics, History Education and History Culture (JHEC) is history teacher education in the changing world. The picture of initial teacher training in the world is heterogeneous, the existing situation is seldom regarded as satisfactory and, thus, changes are introduced almost instantly. The articles either present existing models of history teachers’ education or focus on its possible evolution on the basis of empirical research of the teacher-trainees. In doing so they present various methodologies of such research. They prove that not only the way of getting the empirical data is important, but also the focus of the analysis of raw material, the questions asked and the model(s) of interpretation used. Regardless of the methods used, the research results show that prospective history teachers represent rather traditional approaches to the past and to teaching history and their vision of the past in many cases seems to be no different from mainstream collective memory (or mythology). It opens broad perspectives for history didactics as an academic discipline. ** Mit der Bestellung eines Titels zur Fortsetzung erhalten Sie diesen Titel sowie alle künftigen Titel der entsprechenden Reihe direkt nach Erscheinen zugesandt. Ein weiterer Vorteil: Sie sparen rund 20 Prozent gegenüber der Einzelbestellung. Der Fortsetzungsbezug ist jederzeit kündbar - eine kurze Mitteilung an uns genügt!

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