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Why History Education?
Diese englischsprachige Publikation präsentiert eine ganze Reihe von Gründen, warum Geschichte heute unbedingt unterrichtet werden muss. Sie liest sich als Plädoyer für einen kompetenten Umgang mit Geschichte in heutigen Gesellschaften.

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The Teaching of the History of One’s Own Country
International Experiences in a Comparative Perspective
The question concerning the importance of history teaching at school is closely linked to the one concerning the mediation of the history of one’s own country. Over the past few years discussions and debates about its meaning, content and functions have, however, increased. But the mediation of the history of one’s own country is a precarious undertaking. The volume presents theoretical considerations, empirical studies and practical case examples from a comparative and international perspective. In different states and school systems it becomes clear how the history of one’s own country or the nation is conveyed and against what political and social background this happens.

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