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Historical Thinking
International Journal of Research on History Didactics, History Education, and History Culture. Yearbook of the International Society for History Didactics
Developing historical thinking is becoming an overarching goal of history education, at least on the declarative level. The concept is not new and has been developed for many years in various national and international contexts. However, its scope and contents, and especially the methods of transferring it onto everyday school practice still remain work in progress for they involve major re-structuring of traditional ways of teaching. In this case, modernizing history education is not about incorporating new technologies but rather about developing new approaches to any and all resources used in the classroom and issues discussed in the process of history education. Some of the papers in this issue of JHEC address the issues posed by the use of films, museums, writing, and the introduction of local and regional history in history education.Starting from this year, JHEC launches its new section devoted to book reviews. It discusses publications related to history didactics and all aspects of historical culture and history education in the past and present, published in the recent years in the English language. ** Mit der Bestellung eines Titels zur Fortsetzung erhalten Sie diesen Titel sowie alle künftigen Titel der entsprechenden Reihe direkt nach Erscheinen zugesandt. Ein weiterer Vorteil: Sie sparen rund 20 Prozent gegenüber der Einzelbestellung. Der Fortsetzungsbezug ist jederzeit kündbar - eine kurze Mitteilung an uns genügt!

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