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Theory of the History Classroom
This volume proposes a theory of history education in formal classroom settings. Specifically, it aims to outline how the particular setting of the classroom interacts with domain-specific processes of historical thinking. The theory rests on the notion that formal school education is a communicative and social system, while historical thinking occurs in the psychological system of a person’s historical consciousness. In the complex interaction of these systems, historical thinking, emotions, communication, media and language are of particular importance. Drawing upon educational theory as well as the theory of history, this theory of the history classroom provides a framework as well as a solid foundation for future empirical research, both for developing research questions as well as for interpreting findings.

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Researching History Education
International Perspectives and Disciplinary Traditions
Any attempt to improve history education depends on a sound knowledge of its current state as well as of possible alternatives. Aiming to broaden nationally limited educational discourse, this book brings together twelve perspectives on history education research from across Europe and America. With a focus on empirical research, each chapter outlines national as well as disciplinary traditions, discusses findings and methodology and generates perspectives for future research, thus allowing insight into remarkably rich and diverse academic traditions. Since the publication of the first edition of this book, empirical research on historical thinking and learning has intensified and diversified. Therefore, each chapter was revised and extensively updated for this second edition. In order to adequately reflect the ever-growing field of research, several authors chose to bring on a coauthor for the updated version of their paper. Additionally, a new introduction provides a comparative perspective on the chapters contained in this volume.

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